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Our team building program advocates a return to a bottom line and business-oriented approach to team building. Why? The team building industry has been “dumped down” by providers of recreational activities who have been passing off entertainment and activities that are strictly “fun and games” as team building. Our clients deserve better.

Effective business team building simulations need to include:

  1. Confer with Executive Team: To determine objectives and articulate how they relate to the success of the business.
  2. We source the Content with Participants through active participation: The goal is to ensure buy-in.
  3. Customize the Simulation: The team briefing and debriefing must be laser beam focused on objectives and organizational issues.
  4. Executive Briefing: To give a clear picture or organizational issues and the objectives of team building.
  5. Team Briefing: To set the stage and highlight links between the simulation and organizational issues and challenges.
  6. Debriefing: To identify key learning, tools and strategies and how they apply to business and the organization
  7. Business Application Exercises.
    • re-configure teams and assign SPECIFIC business issues, challenges or opportunities to each team
    • teams analyze business issues using the tools and strategies acquired during the team building simulation
    • teams prepare and present brief presentations with the results of their analysis and proposed solutions
    • next steps
  8. Follow up.

While we will occasionally discuss corporate events that can be used to reward your team, our primary focus is to zero in on strategies that your organizations can use to:

  • shape a vibrant corporate culture
  • improve team cohesion
  • break down silos
  • improve cross-functional teamwork
  • boost the business impact of team building your team building initiatives


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